In a Willing State of Suspended Disbelief


Opening on Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 at Beaver Hall Gallery In a Willing State of Suspended Disbelief is an exhibition of four artists' work exploring the internal, psychological experiences of identity. Yasmeen Al-Shawa, Natalie Castrogiovanni, Andrea Harris and Alessandra Pasut use drastically different approaches to address these themes and shed light on specific concerns through their practices. The work ranges from a wistful to whimsical take on the internal and external forces that shape our construction of self.

OCAD University's Sculpture/Installation Program — in collaboration with Abbozzo Gallery, Angell Gallery, Beaver Hall Gallery, Coldstream Fine Art, Gallery 1313, Lonsdale Gallery and The Theatre Centre — titled Impulse Control,  takes place from March 2 to April 23, 2017. This series of eleven exhibitions will feature the multi-media artworks of 4th-year students in professional Toronto galleries. It has been made possible by the generous support of the Nora Vaughan Bequest to the Sculpture/Installation Program and of the Faculty of Art Innovation Fund.

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