Showcasing the Work of Heike Reuse

Photographer-in-Residence, Rouge National Urban Park
OPENING Nov. 10, 7-10 pm
Nov. 11-17, 11 am - 8 pm
Beaver Hall Gallery
29 McCaul Street, Toronto

Rouge National Urban Park is Canada’s first and only national urban park. Located in the heart of Canada’s largest and most diverse metropolitan area, the park will span 79.1 km2 in the GTA, once fully established. This exhibition highlights the incredible work of Rouge National Urban Park’s first ever Photographer-in-Residence, Heike Reuse, a recent OCAD University graduate. Heike’s images help tell the story of the park’s rich biodiversity within an amazing assembly of natural, cultural and agricultural landscapes. The exhibit provides the perfect opportunity to escape the city, within the city. Proceeds from photo sales will be donated to the Toronto Wildlife Centre, a not-for-profit organization that helps recover sick and injured wildlife.

Heike Reuse is a Canadian-based landscape and wildlife photographer, with a curiosity for urban exploration. In the spring of 2016, Heike was the recipient of the first ever Parks Canada-OCAD University Career Launcher, and was named as Rouge National Urban Park’s first ever Photographer-in-Residence. 

As an artist, Heike is fascinated by wildlife and the idea of nature as an unstoppable force. She predominantly shoots landscapes, many echoing a theme of industrial abandonment or exploration and rediscovery of forgotten spaces. For Heike, photography is not solely about the image, but also the thrill of adventure and exploration of the natural world. 

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