An Impeccable State | Grayson Richards

DocNow Festival

Opening June 16, 7-10 PM
(Note: Exhibition open June 14-19, 11-5 PM)

An Impeccable State is an installation drawing on found and constructed archives, a meditation on the concept of social deviance within the context of an imperial, homogenizing globalism. Working in photography, video and sculpture, Richards embarks on a wide trajectory of research and production concerning the nebulous histories of social deviance and control. From Theseus’ defeat of the Minotaur and civilization’s ‘triumph’ over ‘barbarism’; from the leprosarium to the asylum; from McCarthyism to modern-day deradicalization programs with their claims of a ‘cure’ for violent fundamentalism, An Impeccable State reflects on the attitudes, architectures and apparati – past, present and future – manifested in response to the sometimes ‘undesirable’ plurality of the human condition.

Grayson Richards is an artist living and working in Toronto. Varied in approach and medium, his projects aim to complicate totalizing narratives by identifying (often constructing) points of overlap and friction, making visible the currents of power that shape and move our histories. He holds a BFA from Emily Carr University of Art + Design and is an MFA candidate at Ryerson University where his research was supported by the Ontario Graduate Scholarship in 2014 and 2015.

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