Sex Worker, Truth & Archetype opens on Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Oct 4, 2014 7PM-7AM and runs until Oct. 23rd


Timely Art Exhibition Challenging Society’s

Perceptions of Sex Work

Sex Worker, Truth & Archetype, is a documentary based art installation that explores the personal lives of sex workers through film and photography. The exhibit challenges society's perception of a sex worker by documenting a worker's reality through intimate video interviews, and photographs that depict each sex worker’s archetype, how sex workers see themselves through basically any personification of culture, morals, values and mythology. To empower witnesses, and ensure the exhibition accurately expresses each sex worker's truth, the documentary used an open-consent form that allowed each witness to vett the audio-visual content that represents them. A sound scape installation explores the inner complexities of the body and mind. By examining stereotype and myth against each worker's truth and archetype, the exhibit challenges the public to redefine who or what is a sex worker.

Esther Bukareff and Barbara Greczny have teamed up to produce a non-traditional documentary, close to two years in the making. Esther states, “As Canada enters an historic era of legalized sex work, this timely exhibit explores the archetype and reality, by facilitating a platform for sex workers to speak for themselves.”

Barbara says, “The documentary tradition, in the past, focused on the photography and the film-based media. Today documentary has spilled over into the Internet and, in our case, into an art gallery. It is no longer just about sound, film or photography and their division. It is a discourse about the interaction between these media and others, as well as about other multi-media approaches like installation art.”

Produced by Esther Buckareff and Barbara Greczny with contributing Sound Artist Michelle Breslin.

The exhibit opens on Scotiabank Nuit Blanche October 4th, 2014 7PM to 7AM running until October 23rd at Beaver Hall Gallery, 29 McCaul St. Toronto, ON Wednesday to Saturday 12PM to 5PM.


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