The Toronto Observation

Performance: The Toronto Observation
Friday June 3, 8pm 
Curated by Willy LeMaitre
Featuring Annie Onyi Cheung, Kika Thorne and Claudia Wittman

"Pay what you can" at the door

The Subtle Technologies Festival in partnership with the Beaver Hall Gallery presents The Toronto Observation.

Sometimes it's hard to see the city because we're already in it. We see the city like we see the artist's body; by looking at what it does. A body's engagement with its interior is through its negotiations in its exterior.

The unusual staging of The Toronto Observation situates three live artists working in disparate locations around the city, each of them visible to the audience gathered on the rooftop observatory of a downtown apartment building. The presentation conflates scientific method with artistic presentation.

At the limits of human vision are aspects of the imagination - intuitive, creative thought that shapes our understanding of what we see. On one level, the event is an opportunity to gaze out over the city and compare what goes on with what we may think goes on. The artist's work, nestled in this expanded field, will be magnified and framed by video equipment. Contrasting the qualities of observation, the situation will pit human with machine vision. The event will include a reception at the venue.

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