Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts

The Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts presents Homage to the Heart and Scouring City, Brushing Sky at the Beaver Hall Artist Gallery Saturday April 24 - Thursday April 29th, Free

Opening Reception: Saturday April 24, 2 pm Q&A: Saturday April 24, 3 pm

Homage to the Heart: Brenda Joy Lem’s grandfather opened the first hand laundry in Oshawa around 100 years ago. This physically grueling and relentless work during the time of the depression and the years of the Chinese Exclusion Act, made family life at the Ontario Laundry far from ideal. Meditating on themes of memory, class, family history and the enduring heart, Homage to the Heart, was developed from oral histories, told to her by her father and her aunt. Four prints, focusing on the lives of the women in the family, were selected for this exhibition.

Scouring City, Brushing Sky is a community arts project of Red Tree and c3 collective with community partner Working Women Community Centre and union partner Service Employees International Union. The project expresses the important social contribution, hopes and dreams of women who work as cleaners in Toronto, part of the invisible workforce. Project participants including Liliana Chavez, Jamesha Durrant, Alba Mondragon, Patricia Quiroga, Maria Teves, Beatriz Salazar, Noemi Valle, along with former participants Griseldina Camilo, Luz Vazquez and Sandra Gonzales came as immigrants and refugees in search of safety and a new life for themselves and their families.

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