UNDEREXPOSED: Ryerson MFA program in Documentary Media Exhibition

Members of the Ryerson MFA program in Documentary Media, in conjunction with Beaver Hall Gallery, are proud to present Underexposed, a showcase of photography, new media and performance installation by Ryerson's latest crop of documentary interrogationists. At once reflective and eye-opening, the first group show from this diversely talented collection of artists stretches the boundaries of the documentary forms in which it is rooted. From Ben Lenzner's participatory photographic work with the nomadic Van Guijjar community of northern India, to Paula John's interactive installation examining sexual voyeurism, to Julie Pasila's metaphysical study of constructed memories and histories of The Oxford Hotel, Underexposed provides a candid glimpse into the new creative shapers of a dynamic tradition.

Beaver Hall Gallery
29 McCaul Street
Toronto, ON M5T 1V7

Gala Opening:
Thursday, December 17th, 2009
6:30-9:30 pm
Live Performance by Layal Al-Haidari
Gallery Hours: December 16th-22nd: 12-5 pm

Layal Al-Haidari
Colleen Ayoup
Joel Elliott
Barbara Greczny
Tanja Grinberg
Paula John
Ben Lenzner
Eduardo Lima de Oliveira
Julie Pasila
Garett Walker
Lulu Wei
Maja Zonjic
contact info:
Maja Zonjic
647-886-0884 or maja.zonjic@gmail.com
Ben Lenzner
718-866-7989 or ben@benlenzner.com

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